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Silent Reminder - Highly  Cost Effective Method of Reducing Vehicle Accidents

Save Money—Save Lives

The Process

Simply attach the sticker to the windshield of any fleet vehicle and follow the instructions on the sticker to ensure safety from Start to Finish.

These simple reminders REDUCE ACCIDENTS.

Does it work?

This idea was implemented in a dedicated account where over 50 trucks operated and backing was a very regular activity, as a result there was a very apparent reduction in backing accident frequency on this group of dedicated trucks.

Troy A. Favero
Terminal Manager
Swift Trucking—Utah



Save Money-Save Lives

Alan Whipplewhipplealan8@gmail.com


Purchase 2 Silent Reminder Stickers.

Making it work for you.

Imagine eliminating  transportation accidents with a few simple procedures each time you start up your vehicle.  Now imagine having a significant reduction in accidents in your terminal, or even in your entire fleet of vehicles.

Airlines have been doing pre-flight procedures for years. Insurance Companies have offered discounts to large fleet users who enact a pre-driving checklist.

Save1Life.org now offers this opportunity for the truck transportation industry with it’s low cost, highly effective  transparent sticker that is attaches to the windshield providing  a  checklist and simple reminders for safe driving.