Silent Reminder - Window Safety Sticker
Highly Cost Effective Method of Reducing Vehicle Accidents

Save Money -Save Lives

Does it work?

This idea was implemented in a dedicated account where over 50 trucks operated and backing was a very regular activity, as a result there was a very apparent reduction in backing accident frequency on this group of dedicated trucks.

Troy A. Favero
Terminal Manager
Swift Trucking, Utah




Save Money-Save Lives

Alan Whipple


Purchase 2 Silent Reminder Stickers.

The Process

Simply attach the sticker to the windshield of any fleet vehicle and follow the instructions on the sticker to ensure safety from Start to Finish.

What Is Most Important To You?

Some people say they have a calling in life. Mine is geared specifically toward the Trucking Industry. So anyone that is involved with this industry�é�é┼LISTEN UP!!!. Yes, that means me and you.

Most truck drivers on the road today are right out of driving school, driving without any experience whatsoever.

The Save1Life system will help stop a new driver from forming bad habits and help them develop good habits right the start. Even in their car! I am sure we can all improve and change our driving habits. I admit, I drive too fast for one.

  1. Hopefully you can see with this short description just how the Save1Life system will stop these bad habits from forming. This is how it works.
  2. Place the Save1Life Window Safety Sticker at the top of the windshield.
  3. When you have completed this be sure and sign and dated the booklet, tear out the two signed pages and give a copy to your insurance agent and or the designated safety person who manages your company records.
  4. Take a picture of all four sides of the vehicle you just placed the Window Safety Sticker on. This will provide you with a fresh start, record of your vehicle that can accompany the tear out page of the booklet.
  5. Start tracking your progress. You can do it, your company can do it, or let us track your progress for six months or longer. (You may be able to keep your monthly premium the same.)
  6. Each time you get in your vehicle, touch the Sage1Life Window Safety Sticker to reaffirm your commitment to each of the safety items on the Sticker and in the Booklet.
  7. Develop a plan to emphasize one of the five Safety items on the Window Sticker each day seven days of the week...Two extra days to double up.
  8. Get to know what’s in the Booklet
  9. Read the other Additional References on the back page they are the most important.